What is TFP?

Time For Print- A barter exchange where you the model contribute your time in exchange for the prints from a photographer or studio. IF you are a model and just starting in the trade it can be difficult to build the portfolio without laying out a sizable chunk of hard earned money. Photographers - good ones- don't work for free and getting them to help you is what TFP is all about.

Usually TFP means a model release or contract which stipulates no money is exchanged rather the model is paid with Prints or CD's for her time so she add to her portfolio and or web page. Prints or copies of work from a shoot are not always an item to be expected or delivered to the model. So TFP is a really good deal if you can work it with a good photographer. It can be expensive to do a shoot. Just think about studio time, either rental or owned a studio is much like owning a home where you have the monthly bills just to make it to the next month. Hair, makeup, set or scenery, props, assistants,lighting, photo software, computers, printers, ink, paper, and time. All add up rather quickly.

So TFP works well when getting started but the down side is that it hard to find photographers willing to do much in terms of set or themed character or "look" because of the expenses we just discussed and the model does not earn money for the time. Models will find that getting paid an hourly rate on an assignment without experience is also a hurdle to overcome that TFP can help to build.

So TFP is an option for negotiating terms with the studio if it has something each party wants. Timeless Digital Moments does accept limited TFP work based on availability of time and resources. For example, if we have an assignment and have set up a themed event then we may schedule some work using those elements before we have to move on to other assignments. It may be that we have provided a makeup artist or body painter for a day or two and have an opportunity to work with TFP while still getting our scheduled shoots done. Thus we say limited availability. The only way to know for sure is to ask so please contact us if you have any questions about availability.